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U005_W002_109P_118711Faced with the task of cleaning house, consumers love convenient new options. Ajax, the consumer products brand that focuses on detergents and cleaning products, knows this only too well. Thus for its latest promotion, it took that lesson online to provide an easy, convenient way for people to clean up their social media accounts.

When users download the Ajax Social Wipes app, the service trolls that person’s Twitter and Facebook accounts. On Twitter, it identifies both the accounts a user has chosen to follow and those that are following him or her. The results of the analysis highlight those accounts that appear to be operating as spambots, sending solely advertising content into the feed. It also provides an easy, one-click method for users to stop following an account, block another account, or report something as spam.

social media Links and integrationOn Facebook, the app produces a chart, featuring every brand the user has ever “Liked,” which means that they can post on the person’s News Feed. Using the virtual Social Wipes, people can simply erase—virtually, but also in practice—any brands they choose from the page.

Ajax’s promotion of the new app never mentions its real-world cleaning products, but it evokes them readily. The app’s advertisement promises “a simple tool that allows you to spring clean your social life single-handedly,” while showing an animated hand pulling a cloth wipe from a box and wiping away selected brands. With its “improved formula,” it ultimately promises that “A cleaner social life awaits.”

Source: Daniel Bean, “New App Rids Your Twitter of Spambots and Your Facebook of Stale ‘Likes’,” Yahoo Tech, January 17, 2014