Are Facebook and Google Losing Power in Advertising?

  • On the Barron’s Streetwise podcast, Jack Hough sits down with Trade Desk CEO, Jeff Green. They discuss Netflix’s decision to offer ad-supported streaming and whether new inventory might depress prices across the advertising market.
  • 4:23 min
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EVs and U.S. manufacturing could be two big upcoming investing themes

How Margin Calls Can Transform Market Downturns Into Market Crashes

  • Investors rarely hear about margin calls except during market downturns. WSJ’s Dion Rabouin explains what they are and the unique way they are contributing to the current cryptocurrency crash.
  • 3:07 min
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‘Hypercasual’ video games are soaring. What investors should know

  • ‘Hypercasual’ is a genre of mobile gaming that is simple in graphics and play. In 2021, over 50% of all U.S. mobile game downloads were hypercasual. Here’s what investors need to know about this nascent market.
  • 3:26 min
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The Tech Sector Is Taking a Beating. Here’s Why.

  • As markets react to inflation and high interest rates, technology stocks are having their worst start to a year on record. WSJ’s Hardika Singh explains why the sector — from tech giants to small startups — is getting hit so hard.
  • 6:42 min
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How Margin Calls Can Transform Market Downturns Into Market Crashes

  • The selloff in crypto, stocks and bond markets so far this year has been exacerbated by billions of dollars in margin calls
  • 3:07 min
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How Oatly Lost Its Hold on the Oat-Milk Market

  • Oat-milk took the dairy aisle by storm after Swedish brand Oatly overhauled its marketing. But Oatly has struggled to keep up with production as demand grows – leaving room for rivals to take market share.
  • 5:26 min
  • Video Link

How Ben & Jerry’s Activism Helps Scoop Up Customers

  • Ben & Jerry’s hasn’t shied away from taking a stand on social causes. WSJ’s Annie Gasparro explains how that’s helped the brand remain a leader in the U.S. ice cream market, despite some backlash against its political stances.
  • 6:09 min
  • Video Link

Employers, Take Notes. This Is What New Grads Want From the Job Market.

  • The Class of 2022 represents the most in-demand college graduates to enter the job market in years. But competition for the best positions is still fierce. Here’s a look at what employers and new grads should expect from this year’s job market and the job hunting process.
  • 5:44 min
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Are We in a Recession? Here Are Some Historically Reliable Indicators

  • Recent stock market performance has gotten people talking about a possible U.S. recession. So what are the leading economic indicators that have been solid recession trackers, and what can you do to prepare for a recession? WSJ’s Dion Rabouin explains.
  • 3:17 min
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Amazon vs. Walmart: How the Giants Look to Each Other to Best Each Other

  • The line between Amazon and Walmart is becoming increasingly blurred, as the two companies seek to maintain their slice of the estimated $5 trillion retail market while chipping away at the other’s share, often by borrowing the other’s ideas.
  • 7:50 min
  • Video Link

How Home Depot Cracked the Home Professional Market

  • Home Depot is the world’s largest home-improvement retail company, with a net woth of about $350 billion. Here’s an inside look at how it became the dominant player in home improvement by catering to its professional customers.
  • 6:34 min
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The Treasury Yield Curve Can Reliably Predict Recessions. Here’s Why.

  • An inversion of the U.S. Treasury yield curve has been seen as a recession warning sign for decades, and it looks like it’s about to light up again. WSJ’s Dion Rabouin explains why an inverted yield curve can be so reliable in predicting recession and why market watchers are talking about it now.
  • 3:26 min
  • Video Link

Ford vs. GM: Old Rivals Battle for Share of the EV Truck Market

  • Ford and GM recently introduced their first electric pickup trucks. WSJ auto reporter Mike Colias breaks down the different strategies the two legacy auto manufacturers are pursuing to bring their EVs to market.
  • 7:08 min
  • Video Link

NFT Art Is Transforming the Market and Setting New Records

  • Non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, have gone in the last year from a relatively obscure blockchain technology to a market valued at around $44 billion. WSJ explores how NFTs are transforming the art market and tells the story of who is behind the buzz.
  • 7:36 min
  • Video Link

Strikes Sweep Labor Market as Workers Flex New Leverage

  • Tens of thousands of American workers are on strike and thousands more are attempting to unionize. WSJ examines the roots of this new labor activity and speaks with a labor economist for more context on U.S. labor’s changing landscape.
  • 7:39 min
  • Video Link

Could Autonomous Trucks Help Solve the Supply Chain Crisis?

  • As driverless vehicle companies Aurora and Embark are making their stock-market debut this month, WSJ’s George Downs spoke with the CEOs about why they’re focusing on autonomous trucks and whether that could spell a solution for the U.S. truck-driver shortage.
  • 4:27 min
  • Video Link

Black Entrepreneurs in Cannabis Industry Push for a Piece of the Profits

  • Black people comprise only a small percentage of those profiting from the burgeoning legalized pot market, according to state data. Public initiatives and private funds, like one started by Jay-Z, aim to boost minority participation.
  • 7:03 min
  • Video Link

How Boeing and Airbus Could Counter China’s Homegrown Comac Jets

  • Boeing and Airbus dominate global aviation, but China’s Comac wants to challenge the duopoly with new planes. WSJ’s Jon Sindreu explains how supply chains, technology and geopolitics could help the Western aircraft makers to protect key markets.
  • 5:44 min
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Nike’s rough week

  • Gymnast Simone Biles and Kobe Bryant’s estate both announced this week they are parting ways with the swoosh. Plus, the presumptive number 1 NFL draft pick is expected to sign with Adidas.
  • 2:17 min
  • Use with Chapter 11, “Product Branding and Packaging Decisions”
  • Video Link 

Why Samsung upcycled older phones to help animals in the wild

  • Electronics giant Samsung has been equipping an all-female group of rangers in South Africa with some “nearly-new” tech, allowing the world to watch animals in the wild and help spot poaching. But what was in it for Samsung? CNBC’s James Wright looks at ESG and CSR in marketing and finds that big gestures aren’t always needed.
  • 6:30 min
  • Use with Chapter 4, “Conscious Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Ethics”
  • Video Link

Not a Tesla: The Startups Racing to Make Your Next Electric Car

  • Lucid, Fisker, Rivian and Canoo are among the well-funded startups racing to release new electric vehicles. WSJ asked CEOs and industry insiders how new auto companies plan to challenge Tesla’s market dominance and take on legacy car makers.
  • 6:57 min
  • Use with Chapter 12, “Developing New Products”
  • Video Link 

How the media industry is reaching the U.S. Latino market

  • Latinos are the largest minority in the United States with increasing influence on commerce and culture. Here’s what that means for the media industry.
  • 3:00 min
  • Use with Chapter 9, “Segmentation, Targeting and Positioning
  • Video Link

Food-Delivery Apps vs. Restaurants: The Dining Industry’s Covid Divide

  • Demand for food delivery has soared amid the pandemic, but restaurants are struggling to survive. In a fiercely competitive industry, delivery services are fighting to gain market share while facing increased pressure to lower commission fees and provide more protection to their workers.
  • 7:28 min
  • Use with Chapter 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing,” and chapter 13, “Services the Intangible Product”
  • Video Link

Desktops are making a comeback during the pandemic

  • he remote-work boom has amplified growth in the PC market. Here are 3 ways the pandemic is changing the future of PC design.
  • 3:38 min
  • Use with Chapter 12, “New Product Development”
  • Video Link

Le petit Chef

  • The smallest chef in the world cooks your food right onto your plate through the use of 3D projection mapping technology!
  • 3:04 min
  • Use with Chapter 13, “Services the Intangible Product”
  • Video Link

Why TikTok Has Become a Launchpad for Entrepreneurs

  • TikTok is becoming a popular forum for Gen-Z and Millennials to learn about entrepreneurship and making money. To find out more, WSJ spoke with three TikTokers who are attracting large audiences that support their thriving online businesses.
  • 6;39 min
  • Use with Chapter 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing,”
  • Video Link

The Coronavirus May Forever Change Grocery Shopping

  • Will the coronavirus pandemic lead to long-term changes in how we shop for food? To better understand the challenges facing grocery stores, WSJ’s Alexander Hotz spoke with an industry insider, a store owner and a Walmart executive.
  • 7:42 min
  • Use with Chapter 17, “Retailing and Multichannel Marketing”
  • Video Link

The Future of Your Office Is in a VR Headset

  • With a virtual-reality headset and a virtual meeting platform like Spatial, you can meet up and collaborate with your colleagues as if you were in a real office space. WSJ’s Joanna Stern transformed into a holographic avatar and got in a virtual elevator to test it out.
  • 7:09 min
  • Use with Chapter 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing,” Chapter 7, “B2B Marketing,” and Chapter 12, “Developing New Products
  • Video Link

 Movies and Theme Parks: ‘Baby Shark’ Creators Look to Expand Empire

  • The South Korean company behind the hit video “Baby Shark” is hoping to expand its empire with films and merchandise while pursuing the next viral sensation. Its strategy aims to beat competitors in an increasingly crowded space for children’s attention.
  • 6:56 min
  • Use with Chapter 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing,” and Chapter: 12, “Developing New Products”
  • Video Link 

Advertising in a Pandemic: How Brands Are Adjusting

  • As the coronavirus pandemic progresses, companies are searching to find the right tone and message for their marketing. How are some of the world’s most recognizable companies re-envisioning their advertising?
  • 4:05 min
  • Use with Chapter 9, “Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Promotions”
  • Video Link

As SpaceX Takes Off, Small Rocket Startups Fall Behind

  • On May 30, SpaceX and NASA launched the first orbital human spaceflight from U.S. soil since the Space Shuttle Program ended in 2011. But as SpaceX dominates the headlines, a large number of small launch startups are poised to fail.
  • 6:18 min
  • Use with Chapter: 1, “Overview of Marketing,” and Chapter: 12, “Developing New Products”
  • Video Link

Consumer Spending Slid in April; Here’s Why That Matters

  • Consumer spending fell 13.6% in April, prompting further concerns about the impact of the coronavirus pandemic on the economy. Here’s why consumer spending is so important and how it can signal if the country is heading toward a recession.
  • 3:18 min
  • Use with Chapter: 6, “Consumer Behavior”
  • Video Link

How a Political Ad Evolves as It Moves Around America

  • Candidates spend millions of dollars to run political ads during an election cycle. WSJ followed some of the candidates’ ads around America to see what subtle differences there are for certain markets.
  • 7:26 min
  • Use with Chapter 9: “Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning”
  • Video Link

‘A Public Health Crisis’: Lawsuit Claims Juul Targeted Teenagers

  • The Massachusetts attorney general announced a lawsuit against Juul Labs, accusing the vaping company of marketing to young, nonsmokers during its launch period.
  • 0:46 min
  • Use with Chapter: 4, “Conscious Marketing, Corporate Social Responsibility, and Ethics” and Chapter: 19, “Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Promotions”
  • Video Link

TikTok?! Clout-Chasing Millennial Learns About Memes and More

  • What is TikTok? What’s a TikTok meme? How do you make a viral TikTok—aka a banger? WSJ’s Joanna Stern set out to get answers to the questions about the hottest social media app—and danced along the way.
  • 6:45 min
  • Use with Chapter: 3, “Digital Marketing: Online, Social, and Mobile,”
  • Video Link

Coca-Cola TV Commercial, ‘History Shakers’

  • Coca-Cola says it is for Davóne Tines, who isn’t afraid to raise his courageous voice or Simone Manuel, who makes a splash while she breaks records. The company celebrates those who don’t just break glass ceilings, but shatter them with their innovations — those like Dr. Ayanna Howard. It is for the history shakers like Terence Lester and Tony Weaver who are constantly changing how the game is played. History is shaken in many ways and Coca-Cola honors those who dedicate their lives to shaking it every single day.
  • 0:30 min
  • Use with Chapter: 19, “Advertising, Public Relations and Sales Promotions”
  • Video Link

Why Breakfast Could Decide Who Wins the Fast-Food Wars

  • As more people are increasingly grabbing breakfast at fast-food joints, it’s making up larger and larger margins for the big players. To keep up with the competition, Wendy’s is relaunching its breakfast menu after three failed attempts.
  • 3:37 min
  • Use with Chapter: 12 “Developing New Products”
  • Video Link

Volkswagen bids farewell to Beetle with #TheLastMile campaign

  • Volkswagen began saying goodbye to its Beetle model with a campaign that urges social media users to share their favorite moments with the iconic car that ended production last year.
  • 1:00 min
  • Use with Chapter: 3 “Digital Marketing: Online, Social and Mobile”
  • Video Link

Five Ways Uber Is Preparing for Its IPO

  • A look at Uber’s pros and cons and the effects they may have on the company as it goes public.
  • 2:51 min
  • Use with Chapters: 6, 10, 13, 19
  • Video Link

International Women’s Day with PayPal: A Conversation on Diversity, Culture and Business

  • Paypal is one of many companies showing support for International Woman’s Day by choosing to create a useful platform of women to share experiences and advice.
  • 4:44 min
  • Use with Chapters: 2, 5, 8, 9
  • Video Link

Five Myths About 5G, Debunked

  • A deeper dive into the benefits 5G could have on various industries and how that might further improve consumers lives.
  • 4:59 min
  • Use with Chapters: 7, 8, 12, 13
  • Video Link

‘King of the Super Bowl’ on How to Make an Iconic Super Bowl Ad

The Surprising Power of Old-School Billboards in Driving Sales

  • 2:02 min
  • Use with Chapters: 2, 5, 9, 19
  • Video Link

A First Look at Google Maps’ AR Future

  • 2:23 min
  • Use with Chapters: 6, 12, 13
  • Video Link

“Does Facebook know you better than you do?”

“How Bumble Plans to Move Into Primetime, Get Buy-In From Women in India”

“Whatsapp Ad- Share Joy, Not Rumors”

  • WhatsApp has become very popular in India, but the company felt they needed to take action when people were misusing their platform. Similar to the laundry detergent, Tide, they created an ad campaign promoting safe practice but is this the best method?
  • Use with Chapters 2, 3, 6, 8 & 19
  • 1:00 minutes

“Apple Watch Series 4 Review: Why I Finally Fell for This Wearable”

“Facebook announces Portal, an Echo Show rival focused on Video chat”

“Amazon Accelerating Private-Label Brands”

“This Burger Bot Makes Your Lunch With No Hands”

“Big In China: Tiny Electric Cars”

“From Weight Watchers to WW: Companies that change  their names”

“Kroger CFO: We’re Redefining the Grocery Shopping Experience”

“Behind the Rising Costs of Long-Term Health Insurance”

“Under Armour: Can It Make More With Less?”

“This Chef Tailors His Tasting Menu to Fit Your Taste Buds”

Increasing Human Presence in Holographic Applications”

“How a Mattress Store Became a Home for Harvey Victims”


“A History of Sears: Through Highs and Lows”

“Your Next Online Order Could Be Picked Out by a Robot”


“Selling (or Not) the American Health Care Act”

“This 85-Year-Old Cosmetics Saleswoman Still Finds Working Beautiful”

“The ‘Jungletown’ Start-Up in the Panama Rainforest”

“Statue of Courageous Girl Faces Wall Street Bull”

  • What does public art mean? What does it do? And what if it is ultimately a publicity stunt?
  • 0:54 minutes App Connects Hungry Children with Restaurants”

“Millennials Ask: What’s It Like to Retire?”


“UPS Testing Delivery by Drones”

“How Credit Scores Predict What You Will Buy Next”

“Making Choices Like a Poker Player”

“3-D Printed Clothing Coming to a Store Near You?”

“What Makes Workers Happy? How Could They Be Happier?”

“Palantir CEO on Saying ‘No’ to Customers”

“Grizzly Bears Make Great Product Testers”

“Luxury Homeowners Now Airbnb Hosts”

“Supply Chain News: Ford Testing Collaborative Robots on Factory Floor”

“The Ballad of the Dreadnought”

Dunkin’ Brands CEO on Food Trends, and More”

“Bud Light Toasts Same Sex Weddings in New Ad”

“The Hard Side of Selling Soft Treats”


“Faith-Based Films Create Hollywood Holy Week”

“Gwen Stefani’s New Album: How MasterCard Helped”

“Hasbro, Disney Launching New Rey ‘Star Wars’ Toys”

  • Where was Rey? Consumers complained that the Star Wars toys available in stores excluded the main protagonist of The Force Awakens. Was it a case of gender bias, or was it simply an attempt to avoid spoilers about her role? Either way, companies are scrambling to get more products featuring the tough young pilot onto retailers’ shelves.
  • Use with Chapter 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment” and Chapter 12, “Developing new Products”
  • 2:42 minutes

“McDonald’s All-Day Breakfast Looks to be a Hit”

“Edible But Ugly”

  • The United States throws out an absurd amount of fresh food each year, often because it does not fit cosmetic standards imposed by grocery retailers, which have nothing to do with the food’s quality. One start-up company is seeking to address that problem by selling “Imperfect Produce” directly to consumers.
  • 2:35 minutes
  • Use with chapter 13, “Services: The Intangible Product”

“Hoverboarding at Venice Beach”

“Walmart Is Making 2 Major Changes to its Stores”

  • What’s different at the world’s largest retailer? Walmart is moving toward smaller assortments and lower heights for the shelves near the checkout counter. Can such seemingly minor shifts make a big difference?
  • Use with Chapter 10, “Marketing Research,” and Chapter 16, “Supply Chain and Channel Management”
  • 1:56 minutes

“‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ Tickets Go On Sale”

“Mini Law Lesson: How Brands Can (and Can’t) Use Periscope”

The live-streaming app available through Twitter offers great potential for reaching customers. But there are some legal limits that brands would be well advised to keep in mind before they start posting.

  • Use with Chapter 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing” and Chapter 4, “Marketing Ethics”

“EA’s FIFA 16 Features Female Soccer Players”

Is it a blow for equality or a natural reaction to demand? After years of petitions, female players will finally be featured in the newest version of Electronic Arts’ popular soccer video game.

“Chasing Outbreaks: How Safe Is Our Food?”

Decades after food safety came to the forefront of the national attention, questions remain about how effectively the meat supply chain polices itself.

Introducing … Coca-Cola Life

Coca-Cola seeks to introduce its latest product innovation, a lower calorie drink sweetened with a blend of sugar and stevia. Its range thus features four Coke drinks, giving consumers a wider range of options from which to choose.


McDonald’s #imlovinit24

McDonald’s isn’t sure why young people have stopped viewing it as fun, but it wants to change that. In 24 cities, it created 24 moments of joy to remind consumers that there’s a lot to love.

Dove’s Latest “Real Beauty” Video

There is a door marked “Beautiful,” and there is a door marked “Average.” Which one do women all over the world choose, and why? Which one would you choose?

Garnier Shows How a Working Mother Ages Five Years in One Day

In an international advertising campaign, Garnier suggests that the stresses of an everyday working life make women look older by the end of their day. Then it promises to help—or does it?


Walmart to its Suppliers: Cut Your Prices

Walmart has a clear message to the companies that manufacture the products it sells: Stop marketing those products, then use the saved costs to lower their prices.

Response to Discrimination Law Hits Indiana’s Wallet

When a state passes a law that some national and international companies find ethically untenable, what effect does it have on state revenues and tourism?

Scientist Explains Why We Can’t Agree On #TheDress

One neuroscientist weighs in on why people cannot agree about whether that dress was white and gold or blue and black—as well as why we can’t stop talking about it.

Passover Matzo Made in Manhattan, But Not For Long

Since 1925, Streit’s has made matzos kosher for Passover in a factory on the Lower East Side. Modern developments mean this year’s batch will be the last one to come from the historic factory.

Leonard Nimoy Was a Blast in Ads Too

In honor of the passing of the actor who created the character of Mr. Spock, Advertising Age reconsiders how he leveraged his image to help advertisers such as Audi connect with consumers.

Super Bowl Ads 2015: Grading the Best and the Worst of the Big Game

One observer’s grades for the best (Snickers) and the worst (Nationwide) commercials aired during the 2015 Super Bowl. Watch several of them and decide if you agree with his ranking.

Super Bowl Tweets in Real Time

Watch how viewers responded to the advertising before, during, and after the 2015 Super Bowl with this CartoDB map. Hello McDonald’s!

YouTube Halftime Show Anthem

For viewers who weren’t interested in hearing pop stars roar, a compendium of some of the most well-known YouTube stars, offering an alternative mode of entertainment—together with a combined advertisement for themselves and their broadcast channel.

The Creativity Top 5: Best of 2014

The Creativity Online podcast provides a summary of the five most interesting advertising campaigns from the past year.

Tech to Expect at CES

Predictions about what high-tech leaders will introduce at the 2015 Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

FedEx Delivered on Christmas to Ensure On-Time Delivery

A discussion of the efforts UPS and FedEx undertook to make sure shoppers had their orders delivered in time for the holidays.

iPhones Sell Out: What It Means for Consumers, Marketers

An interview with the CEO of the marketing company 140 Proof about the upcoming release of the iPhone6 and 6+, the Apple Watch, and Apple pay.

Big Lots’ Pet Supplies: Focus Group #PetsRPeople2

A humorous commercial showcasing Big Lots’! new pets department.

  • Use with Chapter 9, “Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning,” Chapter 12, “Developing New Products,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotion”
  • 2:32 minutes

A RadioShack Retrospective: How America Fell for Personal Tech

A brief look at the marketing campaigns that helped make RadioShack a success in the past and how the company is responding to new technologies threatening its livelihood.

Facebook Tries to Muscle In on YouTube

An interview about Facebook’s move toward video and its hopes to profit from using a model similar to YouTube’s.

Now I Get It: Fantasy Football

Katie Couric provides an overview of how the billion dollar fantasy football industry got its start, spread, and became the multimedia powerhouse it is today, as played by millions of Americans.

Nature Valley, “Feel Nature’s Energy”

A brand of granola bars is sponsoring a blind adventurer’s attempt to kayak 277 miles of the Colorado River, but its advertising campaign is less about its sponsorship and more about trying to establish an emotional connection between the brand and natural images.


NFL May Lose Big Due to Recent Controversies

Will sponsors reject the NFL, and not just individual players, if enough players are accused of domestic violence? Will the broader scandal, and the way the NFL has handled it, affect advertising rates for the Super Bowl?

Millennials and the Rise of the “Experience Economy”

One of the few traits that characterizes nearly everyone in the broad Millennial cohort is their preference to spend their money to gain experiences, rather than to accumulate more stuff. And this preference may be spreading to other generations too.

truth: Finishers

An active anti-smoking organization is taking a new approach in its efforts to eradicate smoking among young consumer, leveraging the power of traditional and nontraditional advertising, along with social media.

  • Use with Chapters 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions”
  • 1:00 minutes
  • See also Andrew Adam Newman, “A Less Defiant Tack in a Campaign to Curb Smoking Among Teenagers,” The New York Times, August 10, 2014

Wyndam, “We Are All Explorers”

An inspirational campaign by a hotel chain, looking to make customers’ journeys “worth remembering.”


Devoted to Rural America

A sizeable rural market segment enjoys programming by the RFD network, focused on agriculture and polka music. Are cable providers doing enough to meet their needs?

How to Put the Ice on Those Ice Bucket Challenge Videos

How and why the ice bucket challenge dominated Facebook—and earned hundreds of millions of dollars for ALS research.

Marks & Spencer’s Social Media Wall

How do you keep your employees up-to-date on what your customers are saying through social media? Make a social media wall.

  • Use with Chapters 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing,” and Chapter 17, “Retailing and Multichannel Marketing”
  • 1:48 minutes

Barcelona: The World’s First Smart City

Integrating the Internet of Everything (IoE) into all aspects of its city, Barcelona is the first smart city.

  • Use with Chapter 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing,” Chapter 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment,” and Chapter 12, “Developing new Products”
  • 3:50 minutes


Using Targets to Analyze Big Data

Tom Davenport discusses the importance of developing targeted questions to develop effective strategies from Big Data.

The Coming Age of Self-Tracking

Tom Felton discusses how self-trackers work.

3D Printing: Inside Microsoft’s Model Shop

How is 3D printing revolutionizing new product development? This video takes us into Microsoft’s model shop and gives a great demonstration of the capabilities of 3D printing.
• Use with Chapter 12, “Developing New Products”
• 4:07 minutes

The Big Easy’s Comeback

Discussion of how New Orleans recovered from the PR disaster after the Deep Water Horizon oil spill.
• Use with Chapter 13, “Services: The Intangible Product,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions”
• 1:28 minutes

Amazon Prime Price Increase

Amazon has increased the price of membership in its loyalty program, Prime, from $79 to $99 per year in the US. Is this a good move?
• Use with Chapters 9, “Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning,” Chapter 13, “Services: The Intangible Product,” Chapter 14, “Pricing Concepts for Establishing Value,” and Chapter 17, “Retailing and Omnichannel Marketing”
• 2:56 minutes

Titanfall Trailer

Extending our discussion of Titanfall for Xbox One, here’s a trailer for the game.
•  Use with Chapter 12, “Developing New Products” and Chapter 14, “Pricing Concepts     for Establishing Value”
•  4:24 minutes

#FirstWorldProblems Hashtag Killer

This social media campaign ran 2012 – 2013 and is an excellent example of how non-profits can leverage social media to drive awareness and increase donations.

  • Use with Chapters 3, “Social and Mobile Marketing,” and Chapter 13, “Services: The Intangible Product”

Kiva Robots at Amazon’s Distribution Centers

How does Amazon manage to ship so many orders so quickly? They have automated a great deal of their distribution centers with Kiva robots to speed product picking. Video is an excellent demonstration of the robots.


Google Analytics in Real Life: Search

Video demonstrates the importance for firms to speak in the same language as their customers.

Adobe: Encyclopedia Clicks Are Off the Charts!

Fun video that emphasizes the importance of listening to social media and your customers.

Best Keynote Announcements by Steve Jobs

In honor of the 30th anniversary of the first release of the Macintosh (January 24, 1984), here’s a video of the most important keynote announcements Steve Jobs made during that time.

How Can Movie Theaters Fight Growing Popularity of Home Theaters?

AMC’s answer to slipping theater sales? Cushier seats have the possibility of double traffic at the theater chain.


Is Facebook Going the Way of Friendster and MySpace?

A research paper from Princeton PhD students predicting Facebook’s demise goes viral, Facebook responds.


The Next Step Towards Driverless Cars

Ford partners with MIT and Stanford to help overcome critical challenges to true driverless cars.

Making Innovation Possible for the Masses

CEO of Quirky, Ben Kaufman, discusses their crowdsourced approach to innovation.

Next Generation of 3-D Printers

A review of the new 3-D printers and what they can produce.


Can a Smart Toothbrush Keep the Dentist Away?

Kolibree’s smart toothbrush may look like an electric toothbrush, but it also connects to your smartphone and allows parents (or you) to track the effectiveness of brushing.

Worst Ad of 2013? Check out Samsung’s

Is this ad from Samsung the worst of 2013? You decide.

Chipotle’s “The Scarecrow” Ad

This is the ad referred to in our article on Chipotle.

Coke to Stop Marketing to Kids

Remember the Polar Bear ads Coca-Cola runs every Christmas? They may be a thing of the past as Coke has pledged to stop marketing to kids.


Is the Smartwatch Just a Marketing Ploy?

Last month we featured a video on Samsung’s smartwatch. This this month, we’re featuring a video that asks whether this is technology consumers really want.

The Man Behind Facebook’s Marketing

A discussion of Facebook’s new advertising strategy.

The Cost of Zero

Dan Ariely talks about the power of retailers giving away free product.

New Twitter and NFL Deal

Capitalizing on emerging intersection of TV watching and social media, the NFL will soon be posting highlights of football games on Twitter during the games.


From Online Cookies to Online ‘Body Scanners’

Discussion of Google’s plan to replace computer cookies with ‘anonymous identifiers.’

Leaving School for Video Games

Video games are a larger business than music and movies, combined. To produce hit video games, companies are recruiting fifteen to eighteen year-olds to work as full-time video gamers.

Gigapixel Cameras Are Coming

What do cameras 1,000x more powerful than those available to consumers mean for marketing ethics and privacy?

Can a Computer Choose Your Clothes For You?

A review of the new technology in etailing: try-at-home clothing.


Samsung to Unveil Its Smartwatch

Samsung beats Apple to the market with a Smartwatch.


A discussion of the new challenges facing fast food companies – McDonald’s, Burger King, and Wendy’s.

BP’s Gulf Coast Ad

Is it propaganda or authenticity? You decide.

Fiat’s Targeted ‘Fatherhood’ and ‘Motherhood’ Ads

Fiat segments the market with targeted ads.


Has Coke Found the Holy Grail of Flavoring?

Coke’s experiments with stevia could be a game-changer in the soft drink industry.

Apple Files for iWatch Trademark

More evidence accumulates for a smart watch in development at Apple.

This is Boston

Building on our article on how corporations are responding to the Boston Marathon Bombing to raise money, this video features the One Boston Fund ad.

Are Marketer’s Too Tentative in Social Media?

Global head of digital marketing, Shiv Singh, at PepsiCo talks about ways marketers can capitalize on social media programs.

How Mapping Social-Media Chatter to TV Commercials Yields Insights

Discusses how BlueFin maps the TV genome.

Coca-Cola’s Project Re: Brief – Reimagining the “Hilltop” Ad Campaign

Coca-Cola partnered with Google to reimagine the classic “Hilltop” commercial in a digital age by allowing people to send free cokes to people throughout the world and see a video of their reactions.

  • Use with Chapter 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment,” Chapter 12, “Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions”
  • 2:17 minutes

Coca-Cola’s Classic 1971 “Hilltop” Commercial

The original “Hilltop” ad that Coca-Cola ran in 1971 that has been reimagined by Coca-Cola and Google.

  • Use with Chapter 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment,” Chapter 12, “Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions”
  •  1:04 minutes

How the Original and New “Hilltop” Campaigns were Developed

Interesting discussion of how Harvey Gabor, the original Art Director for the “Hilltop” commercial, came out of retirement to develop the new campaign.

  • Use with Chapter 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment,” Chapter 12, “Product, Branding, and Packaging Decisions,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions”
  • 11:12 minutes

Can Tablets Do a Better Job Teaching Kids?

NewsCorp has launched a tablet that is targeted at schools and children. How can companies adapt technology to penetrate the grade school market?

Dodge Ram’s “Farmer” Super Bowl Ad

Features an excerpt of an old Paul Harvey speech about dedication and demand for farmers in the world.

Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad

Two-minute homage to soldiers returning home.

Tide Detergent Super Bowl Ad

A “miracle” salsa stain in the image of Joe Montana thrills a 49ers fan, until his Ravens-loving wife removes the stain with Tide detergent.

Oreo Capitalizes on Super Bowl Blackout

Oreo sees an opportunity when the lights go out to tweet to Super Bowl fans.

The Future of Retail

A look at how retailing will change (and stay the same) in the coming years.

  • Use with Chapters 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment,” Chapter 6, “Consumer Behavior,” and Chapter 17, “Retailing and Omnichannel Marketing”
  • 8:18 minutes

Best Global Brands of 2012

Interbrand’s list of the best global brands of 2012. Apple moves from #8 to #2, Samsung moves to #9, and Disney slips from the Top 10.

Call Someone Who Cares

U.S. Cellular uses an innovative social marketing initiative to provide customized songs to non-customers complaining about their carrier on Twitter.

Triple Sorry

When OB Tampons had an interruption in production of their popular tampons, they needed to provide an apology to their loyal customers that would be unforgettable and convince them to give them another chance. To this end, more than 100,000 women received a music video personalized with their name and a coupon via email.

  • Use with Chapter 11, “Product, Branding, and Package Decisions,” and Chapter 13, “Services: The Intangible Product”
  • 2:02 minutes

The Social Media Revolution

Is Social Media just a fad or something marketers need to pay attention to? This video explores the staggering and growing popularity of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

  • Use with Chapters 5, “Analyzing the Marketing Environment,” 18, “Integrated Marketing Communications,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions”
  • 4:26 minutes

The First Social Election

The election was the most tweeted political event in history – over 20 million tweets on election day alone. How does social media affect consumers?

Big Wheels for Adults

This video takes a fun look at how one company builds on nostalgia to produce a Big Wheels bike for adults looking to reconnect with their childhood.

Is the iPad Mini Overpriced?

Apple has finally decided to compete directly with the Kindle Fire and Google Nexus by launching a smaller, mini version of its iPad, but it’s priced considerably higher than both its competitors. With components valued at $188, why are they launching the iPad mini with a $329 price tag?

Top 10 Marketing Failures: Coke, Ford, Netflix

Explore some of the worst marketing mistakes, from New Coke to Qwikster to McDonald’s 1984 Olympics campaign.

  • Use with Chapter 11, “Product, Branding, and Package Decisions,” Chapter 12, “Developing New Products,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions”
  • 5:39 minutes

After Lance, Do Sponsor Slip-Ups Damage a Brand?

Lance Armstrong has been outed as a sponsor for Nike and stepped down from Livestrong. How are brands affected when a spokesperson has a public scandal?

Travel Agents Hang On

Kayak, Travelocity, Expedia, Orbitz… Is there a place in the 21st Century Marketplace for travel agents? Mike Batt, head of hospitality firm Travel Leaders Group, discusses the niche market that travel agents can fill.

Will Netflix Go the Way of Blockbuster?

Gina Keating, author of Netflixed: The Epic Battle for America’s Eyeballs discusses the origins of Netflix and whether CEO Reed Hastings will be able to keep the company afloat.

Result of the Apple vs Samsung Patent Lawsuit

The jury has ruled that Samsung infringed on several Apple patents with their products. What does this mean for Samsung as a company and, more broadly, its customers?

Toys ‘R’ Us Enters the Tablet Market

As the tablet market continues to heat up, Toys ‘R’ Us targets a new market segment: preschoolers.

Chinese E-Commerce Set to Triple in Three to Five Years

With Chinese e-commerce projected to triple over the next three to five years, massive logistic issues will arise for companies trying to meet this demand.

Amazon Steps Up Its Game Against Netflix

Amazon has struck a new deal with Epix, meaning that for the first time they’ll be able to give Netflix real competition.

Truth in Advertising: Fake Blueberries

Several prominent companies advertise the use of blueberries in their products (e.g., cereal, muffins), but don’t actually use any berries.

New Crackdown on Sites that Mine Kids’ Data

Regulators announce new restrictions on tracking children’s behavior on the Web and Smartphones, including parental consent for personal information and tighter rules for targeted advertising.

There’s a Battle in the Cloud for Your Business

Discussion of the emerging online data storage services market.

Let’s Terminate It: Segmented Anti-Piracy Ads

Arnold Schwarzenegger and Jackie Chan have partnered with the California Commission for Jobs and Economic Growth to create better targeted anti-piracy ads.

Will it Blend? Viral YouTube Marketing Campaign for Blendtec Blenders

Blendtec has launched a series of  short 1 to 2 minute YouTube videos to raise awareness of their product in which they attempt to blend everything from glow sticks to baseballs to iPads.

Google’s Project Glass

Google is taking emergent reality and 24/7 access to the internet a large step further with the development of smart-glasses

EMC’s Take on Social Media

Training video developed for and used by EMC to train its employees on how to use social media responsibly.

  • Use with Chapter 4, “Marketing Ethics,” Chapter 11, “Product, Branding, and Package Decisions,” Chapter 18, “Integrated Marketing Communications,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Public Relations, and Sales Promotions.”
  • 4:23 minutes

Jay-Z and Bing Scavenger Hunt

Droga5 staged a month long “transmedia” scavenger hunt to promote Bing and Jay-Z’s new memoir Decoded.

  • Use with Chapter 9, “Segmentation, Targeting, and Positioning,” Chapter 13, “Services: The Intangible Product,” Chapter 18, “Integrated Marketing Communications,” and Chapter 19, “Advertising, Sales Promotions, and Public Relations.”
  • 3:03 minutes

New Textbook Rivalry: Microsoft vs Apple

The next great fight between technology giants Microsoft and Apple may be over textbook market.

Tesco in Korea

Tesco creates virtual stores in Korea. Koreans can shop while they wait for the Subway.

Mobile Commerce

Google discusses its new Google Wallet and how mobile commerce is becoming a big part of retailing.

Facebook iPad App

The Facebook app for iPad allows the user to do more games and multitasking.


LocalResponse combines the location of a person with twitter so that ads can be increasingly more targeted.

“First Day”

Video programming produced for YouTube and Facebook is becoming more popular because the episodes are shorter, and less expensive to produce while still capturing the attention of the target market.

Heinz Ketchup Packets

Ketchup packets were redesigned so that each packet holds more ketchup.  The packaging is also a cleaner process from opening to eating.

Exclusive Merchandise

Department stores are differentiating their products by having the designers change their products slightly.  The resulting slightly changed product becomes an “exclusive” to the retailer.

Budweiser Produces a Show

Advertiser-sponsored video programming is becoming more popular. Budweiser produced its own reality show where Budweiser is featured in multiple places.


Quirky allows everyone to invent products and influence the final product.

United Airlines Pilots have iPads

United Airlines will have all of the information that pilots would otherwise access on their laptops. The airline wants its pilots to not have to carry their laptops with them.

Home Depot Online

Home Depot is dedicated to its multichannel strategy.

Facebook Privacy

Facebook changes its privacy settings to narrow the gap created by Google +.

Google Wallet

The Nexus One smartphone now has contactless payments.

Social Media in National News

Social media plays a very important role in the broadcasting of news especially natural disasters and International news.

Lady Gaga’s Unique Marketing

Lady Gaga discusses the pricing of digital music and the marketing of her brand.


Amazon sells Lady Gaga’s New Album

Amazon sells Lady Gaga’s album as a loss leader for 99 cents.

iPad etextbooks – McGraw-Hill is developing etextbooks for the iPad.

iPad 2 – This video describes the iPad 2 pricing compared to competing tablets.


Not all of the deals offered on Groupon are really a good discount.  Some deals are higher priced on Groupon than they are offered at to the public.

eBay Acquires GSI Commerce

eBay acquires GSI Commerce which works with 180 retailers.  This move will help eBay compete better with Amazon.


Thrillist CEO

This video talks about the business of

Google Buzz

Google Buzz was created to make all of your Gmail contacts part of your social network. Although this is no longer the case, Google has to adhere to stricter privacy when it comes to disclosure.


Google changes Algorithm

Google changes its search algorithm to produce better search results for consumers.

Bloggers have Access

The new blogging platform, Tumblr, gives fashion bloggers access to Fashion Week events.

Worth It?: Groupon

 This video describes how works.

Trends Online

This video shows how social networks spread new vocabulary words.  Trending topics, and new concepts on the Web are described.

Bad Eating

A study showed that people that are unemployed have poor eating habits.


Fake goods cost retailers $250 billion per year. It is much easier for counterfeiters to sell directly to customers online.


Sketchers– Super Bowl commercial.

eTrade– Super Bowl commercial.

Mercedes–  Super Bowl commercial.

iPad 2– This is the first commercial showcasing the iPad 2.

 Ford Mustang– This commercial shows this amazing performance vehicle.

KFC in China– This commercial demonstrates plagiarism in China.

SmartCar in China – Kobe Bryant is the face of SmartCar in China.

Old Spice– This commercial depicts the repositioning of this brand.

Sienna Toyota– This commercial shows that minivans are for cool families. – This commercial depicts carrots sold in a bag similar to potato chips so that consumers can be healthy while eating out of a junk food package.

Dodge Ram’s “Farmer” Super Bowl Ad- Features an excerpt of an old Paul Harvey speech about dedication and demand for farmers in the world.

Jeep’s Super Bowl Ad- Two-minute homage to soldiers returning home.

Tide Detergent Super Bowl Ad-A “miracle” salsa stain in the image of Joe Montana thrills a 49ers fan, until his Ravens-loving wife removes the stain with Tide detergent.

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