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Apple Stores provide an incomparable customer experience for those in the market for the latest technology products. Consumers can get help from the Geniuses in one of Apple’s 239 U.S. stores, who will patiently walk a buyer through all the product features, encourage playing around with the products on display, and help customers figure out which products are best for their needs.

But then customers go home with their new Apple products—whether they know what to do with them or not. Although Apple Stores offer support appointments, customers often feel rushed by the back-to-back scheduling, and Geniuses are trained to address specific problems rather than help with general setup and basic how-to. So for those intimidated by the efforts associated with set up and installation, a Massachusetts store called Tech Superpowers is filling in the gap. With a store layout similar to an Apple Store, Tech Superpowers focuses on Apple products, though its staff can help customers with technical problems on other devices too.

At the center of the store is a Lexus IS300, demonstrating how Apple products can be integrated into the vehicle. A 23-inch monitor in the backseat streams content through from a Mac mini. An iPad is mounted in the dashboard. Better than any verbal explanation, this real-world display appeals to customers by promising the great capabilities they gain with Apple products—as well as how clever the Superpowers can be when it comes to anything Apple.

Discussion Questions:

  1. Is there a need for Tech Superpowers and other Apple support specialists?

Jesse Serwer, “I.T. with a Personal Touch,” SCT, September 2011.