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MA#11In an effort to stay ahead of the technology curve, 7-11 has added an advanced artificial reality (AR) element to its dedicated app. Shoppers who pull up the app in stores could have interacted with a virtual Deadpool character during the most recent film’s release; during this year’s football season, they also can play in-store games and follow entertaining content related to the gridiron on their phones. Such entertaining elements mainly aim to get customers to stay in the stores longer, where they also will encounter NFL-themed souvenirs, cups, and so forth.
However, the notion that people might not find the app entertaining for a period of several months has led some observers to predict that this latest AR attempt will be less successful than its short-term Deadpool promotions, which only ran for a couple of weeks right around the time of the movie’s release.
In contrast, broader trends imply that consumers increasingly are downloading retailer-specific apps and growing far more accustomed to using them while in the stores. In this sense, 7-11 might be at the forefront, making sure that the app offers more than coupons or promotions but also engages customers with entertaining content.
It also reflects 7-11’s broader commitment to embracing technology as it emerges. By leveraging various modern tools and technologies, it is planning to establish mobile ordering and delivery capabilities. In addition, stores are undergoing a refresh, dedicated to improving their technological status.

Discussion Questions:
1. Is a football-linked AR campaign an effective marketing technique? Why or why not?
2. How often do you use retailer-specific apps while in the store?



Source: Matthew Stern, “7-11 Gives Football Fandom an AR Boost,” Retail Wire, September 11, 2018