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Oh 5G, art thou for thee, but not for me? In a recent editorial, The New York Times argues that modern tech already has become too rarefied. The industry keeps innovating and introducing fancy gadgets, marketed with buzzy (and often confusing) jargon. But those features are neither appealing nor comprehensible to ordinary users, many of whom are not sure what 5G really means for their daily lives and uses. Ordinary people, the editorial argues, want cheaper phones with longer battery lives that can be dropped in the toilet without getting wrecked. They want their tech tools to work consistently and with little hassle. As the author assures readers, “Most people don’t have the time and brain space to care about anything other than the basics of using their phone, computer, television set or other bare necessities and apps. And that’s perfectly OK and normal. What’s not OK is that the biggest and richest companies on the planet often don’t cater to those needs.”

Source: Shira Ovide, “Tech Forgets About the Needs of the 99%,” The New York Times, June 10, 2021