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Who among us hasn’t thought at one point or another, “Someday, I really will visit Australia”? An ad campaign is trying to convince people that “someday” should happen right away—especially as the Australian economy continues to flourish.

Tourism Australia actually launched its “There’s nothing like Australia” campaign in 2010. But in the interim, the economy has continued to improve. For visitors from other countries, that means a grand Australian vacation is not as expensive as they might believe.

Of course, the campaign plays on more than the economic benefits. It presents an image of a new, more sophisticated Australia—though still with the same bold personality. The glamour shots that provide the foundation for the campaign highlight the continent’s beautiful beaches, the remarkable architecture of the Sydney Opera House, and the abundant wildlife of Kangaroo Island.

A previous tourism campaign attempted to tell the story of Australia through the people who lived there. This new campaign takes a different tact. Inspired by old John Ford movies, in which the American West was a central character challenging and driving the cowboy actors, Australia wants its land to be the hero in its marketing story. The narrative commercials appear in televised spots, as well as in movie theaters before the feature starts and online. Over the next three years, with an estimated budget of $190 million, the campaign also will expand into social media, print advertisements, and even a new smartphone app.

Discussion Question

1. What sorts of other creative channels might Tourism Australia use to communicate the new image it wants?

source: Stuart Elliot, “New Ad Campaign to Highlight ‘More Sophisticated’ Australia,” The New York Times, June 1, 2012.